This woman stopped doing cardio and lost 37 pounds !

Like many of us, Alice Fields struggled with the number on her scale despite dedicating her gym time to the treadmill. “I got up before dawn and ran 5Ks every morning. It was torture. It wasn’t something I enjoyed at all. But I thought it was what I had to do to lose weight,” Alice told People. “I ran until I couldn’t run anymore, and I barely ate one thing. Yes, I could have lost 5 kilos in 2 weeks. But once I returned to consume a normal amount of food, I put 7 kilos again. It was the classic yoyo effect. . There was no consistency. “

It was then that the 24-year-old decided to give weightlifting a chance, and after constantly going to the gym and adapting the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) diet approach, which allows her to regularly enjoy foods such as bread and chocolate , she watched as the fat melted and her fitness levels increased “I began to notice changes in my body in about a month,” he said. “Not only did my strength increase dramatically, but the composition of my whole body changed. My butt was happier than ever and my clothes were getting looser.”

But, the process was far from easy. “It was also a challenge to adapt to the tracking of my food: it takes time to learn what’s in the food and read the labels correctly,” he told the Daily Mail Australia.

Finally, it was worth it, and the Australian lifter finally saw the results she wanted and could not achieve only with cardio. “I always notice that my body changes in a positive way, even if the scales stay the same, because I’m losing weight in some places and I’m gaining muscle in others … I quickly realized that the more muscle I had, the faster my body burned fat Not only that, but having more muscle gives you that ‘toned look’ that many women want, “he told People.

A tip that says: “Just follow and try different things. Find something you love and involve your friends and create that support base. Make it fun and consistent. I always refer to Dory’s famous line ‘Just keep swimming’ “Alice admitted to the Daily Mail Australia. Inspired by Alice’s weight loss story? Try these 44 ways to lose 4 inches of body fat to crush your own body goals.